THA Group is unlike any local in-home care provider. Created with our customer in mind, we offer a full continuum of health care services – all in the comfort of home. Our home care expertise combined with technology helps provide our clients with the highest quality of in-home care.

What Is Home Health

We realize it is a privilege to serve clients in their homes. Therefore, we ensure we are sending only the best care providers into the home. Our team of clinicians, caregivers and support staff have years of experience and training in their specialized fields. Many people ask for our care team members by name because of their reputation in the community.

Prior to joining THA Group, all potential employees complete multiple staff interviews, federal and state background checks, licensure and reference checks, drug testing and a motor vehicle record check. Additionally, our employees are licensed, bonded and insured. We ensure that our employees are compliant with all state and federal regulations for home care providers.

We are pleased to offer the following services:

Coverage Information

Certain criteria apply for Medicare/Medicaid to cover the costs of medical home health care and hospice home health care.

Medicare-Covered Medical Home Health Care

Client must meet three requirements:

  1. Client’s physician must order for care at home.
  2. Client has a need for at least one of the following: skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy (in conjunction with PT).
  3. Client must be homebound, meaning:
    • Client is unable to leave home without assistance.
    • Leaving home takes considerable and taxing effort.
    • Client may leave home for medical visits or short, infrequent trips for religious services, hair appointments, etc.
    • Client does not have to be bedbound to be considered homebound.
    • A client can be temporarily homebound due to post-surgery restrictions that require skilled treatment.

Medicare-Covered Hospice Care

Client must meet four requirements:

  1. Client is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.
  2. Client is no longer seeking curative or aggressive treatment for life-limiting illness.
  3. Client’s life expectancy may be six months or less if illness is allowed to run natural course.
  4. Client’s physician orders hospice care.

Coverage For Medical Home Health Care And Hospice Care

Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance typically cover the majority of home health care and hospice care services. Medicare Part A covers both medical home health care and hospice home care. Part B also covers medical home health care.

Coverage For Life Care Services

THA Group’s Independent Life at Home and Ideal Aging accept private insurance, long-term care insurance and self pay.

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THA Group accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, long term care insurance and self pay. Contact us at 1.888.842.4663 with questions about coverage and services.