Gaston O. Perez, MD FAAFP / Global Family Medicine

November 30, 2010

“This letter is written in support of THA Group/Island Health Care/Island Hospice. Over the last six years of practice, they have provided great patient care. The staff members have always exhibited a sense of caring second to none. They provided the highest quality of patient care.

THA Group/Island Health Care was the first home care agency in the Bluffton/Beaufort area to practice In-Home Telehealth Monitoring. This is crucial to assist in the control of disease management such as diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and pulmonary disease. THA Group offers a wide variety of health care services including certified wound care management, medication management as well as education on each medication prescribed. The nurses take the extra time to assure that patients understand why each medication is being taken as well as to aide in prevention of any medication mistakes. THA Group is able to provide IV therapy and infusion services as well as daily PT/INRs to those patients that have difficulty getting into the office. Their staff includes licensed and well qualified clinicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and social workers.

The THA Group staff initiated the development of a consortium of health care providers in Beaufort County to address the needs of indigent patients in the community. This was done by partnering with area home health agencies, hospitals, medical equipment providers and other health care professionals. By creating this consortium the reoccurrence of emergency room visits and improvement of efficiency at discharge to home has greatly improved. THA Group serves as a liaison for the hospitals in the area to implement services needed at discharge and aide in the prevention of hospital readmissions.

THA Group is a locally owned and managed agency. They participate not only in the health care community but also in the business community. They create numerous local employment opportunities, and provide excellent health care in each resident’s home.

THA Group is an asset to our community and is well recognized and community supported.”