Charlie H. / Son of Former Island Hospice Patient

September 17, 2014

On February 6th of this year my mother, Lavenia C. Holm, passed away and went to Heaven. She had a great life and a great death, which we all made sure of, and I must say that the hiring and intervention of your operation in her life and our lives was truly a blessing. We had enlisted the services of four or five other agencies prior to our contacting you, and from day one of enlisting your services we could see that we were dealing with caring and knowledgeable professionals. Dr. George Negrea was the referring source to you and we really appreciate him doing so.

From day one, starting with your admitting nurse, and continuing on with the physical therapist, the occupational therapist, and the rest, ultimately concluding with the hospice division and the pastor, I must say that your people made us feel right at home, even though we were already there, and they all were very kind and knowledgeable of their duties. I can’t say that about any of the other services we used and you can believe that I was particular about the aides and the way they intervened in my mother’s life. I have current business from time to time at the building on Drayton Street that houses one division of your operation, and I even made it a point to stop in one day and tell the manager there just exactly how professional and polite your whole operation is. They all got a kick out of that and really smiled.

I have taken time to write these accolades of your achievements because you deserve this. Cora Bett Thomas and I were talking and I told her of the wonderful job that you had done so she gave me your email address. I do hope and pray that this transmission finds you and all of your people well, and God bless all of you in the days and years to come.