Barbara Goodwin, R. Ph., M.S. / Owner, Pharmacist at I.V. Specialists, Inc.

November 3, 2010

“I.V. Specialists, Inc. has been health care partners with THA Group since 2001. We have had a contract with them for providing the home health services for our patients with home IV infusion therapy. THA Group has not only met our expectations but has surpassed them. Their nurses’ clinical expertise has been a constant factor in their services, not a “sometime” element.

Their efficiency has been exemplary. An agency’s efficiency is not only a factor in containing their cost of services, but also factors into the efficiency of their health care partners. Their health care partner could be the hospital referral source or an IV infusion company such as ours, or a physician. In any case the efficiency in coordination from hospital discharge to home initiation of therapy can cause a “domino” effect – good or bad for all involved. It is extremely important for us all in health care to consider this economic impact. And then we can’t forget about the patient’s apprehension upon discharge from hospital to home. Again, THA Group treats each patient as if they were a family member.

We have found that communication with the nurses at THA Group has been excellent. They feel free to call us about any concerns. We feel the same way. Again, their communication skills and systems contribute to the efficiency of care.

THA Group has always been ready and willing to take discharge patients home, even when the timing is not desirable and even when there is no payor source. With THA Group, the “handoff” from hospital to home has always been a seamless continuum of care.”