Anna Doyle, RN, BSN / Chairperson for Heart Failure Initiative, Cardiac Rehabilitation at Coastal Carolina Hospital

January 6, 2011

“As an inpatient health care provider over the years, Coastal Carolina Hospital has utilized the indispensable care that THA Group provides. THA has a wide variety of services to offer patients being discharged from Coastal Carolina Hospital. We have had success with the telehealth monitoring for our patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and hypertension. As Coastal Carolina Hospital serves patients with multiple comorbidities, telehealth combined with RN and ancillary service oversight serves as an integral piece to our disease specific initiative, namely our Heart Failure program.

THA’s excellent wound care management program has been increasingly important as we have a growing population of surgical patients. They have also aided our facility with their strong focus on medication management and patient education. THA Group understands the importance of such services and is proactive in the prevention of complications and unnecessary readmissions to the hospital.

THA provides excellent IV therapy/infusion services and has well-trained, competent staff to implement, teach and troubleshoot for their patients.

THA serves our community with a variety of patient care services and provides this care with the highest level of competence and resourcefulness. We are fortunate to have such a partner to provide the best possible care to patients.”