FastTrack In-Home Joint Replacement Therapy



Program Features

Recovering from knee, shoulder, or hip replacement surgery requires several weeks of physical therapy. The goals of therapy are to get you moving again after surgery and using your new joint. During the first few weeks after joint replacement surgery, many people benefit from in-home therapy. This is especially true for those who:

  • Have other complicated medical conditions
  • Have difficulty getting to outpatient therapy
  • Cannot safely operate a car due to pain medications or limited mobility
  • Have physical barriers leaving the home, such as stairs
  • Are too weak to leave the home right after surgery

Whether you are having knee, shoulder, or hip replacement surgery, THA Group offers in-home therapy in the quiet and comfort of your home. Your therapy team comes to you, reducing the stress and pain of travel to outpatient therapy in the first few weeks after surgery.

Your FastTrack team will create a program for you, designed to reduce your swelling and pain, and improve your range of motion, muscle strength, safety, and balance. Your FastTrack team will also:

  • Visit you within 24 hours of your discharge from the hospital
  • Design a customized daily exercise program
  • Check your surgical wound for proper healing
  • Communicate with your physician about your progress
  • Track your vital signs daily using our in-home telehealth monitor
  • Check your PT/INR level (for clients taking blood thinners) and call your physician with the results
  • Get you ready for outpatient therapy

Your FastTrack team will work with your physician to ensure that you heal properly and start using your new joint effectively, while preparing you for outpatient therapy. Typically, our clients progress to outpatient therapy within two to three weeks of surgery.

Client Success Stories

“Two new knees at age 72 provided me with restored abilities I thought that I would never have again. I now take pain-free long walks, play tennis with the foot-speed of a 50 year old, sleep on my side with one pain-free knee on top of the other, and ride my bicycle over a 10-mile conditioning course several times a week.”

~ Robert of Savannah, GA

“I had a total knee replacement. Physical therapy was started the day after surgery in the hospital and continued for two weeks in my home. The THA Group physical therapist who came to my home was wonderful. She was kind and patient and yet she pushed me to do the best that I could. Before surgery, walking was very painful and riding a bike was impossible. Now I can walk for an hour or more pain free and I am able to ride a recumbent bike. Nine weeks after surgery, I flew to Europe and was able to walk everywhere and go up and down stairs.”

~ Sally of Beaufort, SC

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Ask your physician about in-home joint replacement therapy with THA Group’s FastTrack Total Joint Program. Or, call 888.842.4663 for more information.