Depression in Older Adults

January 9, 2014

  For many people, January is a bleak month – holidays are over, credit card debt lingers, vacations have ended, and resolutions for the new year have already been broken. British psychologist Chris Arnall theorized that, according to a mathematical formula, the third Monday of the year is the most depressing day of the year. […]

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November 14 is World Diabetes Day

November 14, 2013

  World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on November 14. It was introduced by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991 in response to concern over the escalating incidence of diabetes around the world. Since then, the event has grown in popularity every year and engages millions of people worldwide […]

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Medicare Open Enrollment Is Underway

November 6, 2013

    Medicare is stronger than ever with more benefits, better choices, and lower costs to beneficiaries. Expanded Medicare benefits under the Affordable Care Act continue to be available, including certain free preventive benefits, cancer screenings and an annual wellness visit. Whether you choose Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan – take advantage of Open Enrollment to […]

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Safety in the Home

October 2, 2013

As seniors age, they become more susceptible to suffering an accident in their home. Falls and fire are two of the most common causes of injury among seniors. The following are some preventive measures to ensure optimum safety when at home. Fall Safety Lighting – Make sure you have strong lighting in your home. Put […]

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Immunizations Aren’t Just for Kids

August 1, 2013

Each year in August, National Immunization Awareness Month (NAIM) provides the opportunity to highlight the need for improving national immunization coverage levels and encourages all people to protect their health by being immunized against infectious diseases. The need for immunizations doesn’t end with childhood. Each year, thousands of adults in the United States suffer serious health […]

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