Benefits of Referring to Island Health Care

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Home Health Care Benefits the Patient

THA Group’s Island Health Care and our RightHealth® care model emphasize the importance of holistic care. Our care team empowers patients to make healthy lifestyle changes, including:

  • Understanding their diagnosis
  • Identifying obstacles to change
  • Motivating them to actively manage their health
  • Implementing new lifestyle choices
  • Learning self-care skills
  • Inspiring them to adhere to treatment plans
  • Understanding the importance of follow-up visits with their physician(s)

Home Health Care Benefits the Physician

Home health care is a valuable tool that provide eyes and ears for the physician in their patients’ homes. The Island Health Care clinical staff are Penta Health certified in chronic care management and deliver the following:

  • Assessment of the patient’s home environment, medication compliance and understand, nutrition and safety
  • Treatment and education specific to the patient’s needs to reduce phone calls to the physician’s office and prevent rehospitalization
  • Specialty programs such as:
    • Total joint program
    • Wound care program and a wound ostomy care nurse (WOCN)
    • Chronic care management programs (CHF, COPD, diabetes)
    • Palliative care program
  • RightHealth care delivery model

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) place Island Health Care in the top 20% of Quality Home Health Care Providers in the nation. Additionally, hospice resources like spiritual care coordination and bereavement services are made available to home health care patients and their families.

RightHealth is serving as a coordinator for CMS’s Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative. Bundled payments are a new way to manage and control healthcare spending. This approach aims to both improve the quality of patient care and lower the cost. Take a look at how bundled payments work:

Referring to Island Health Care is easy!
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